Discovering the Silicon Alley

New York TigerTrek is connecting Princeton's students with East Coast's most exciting entrepreneurial talent and spirit.

The participants get the chance to spend time with legendary startup founders, company executives and venture capitalists in informal, intimate settings.

The Trip

Check out a recap of the 2018 trip!

  • 1 Semester


  • 20

    Princeton Students

    Excelling in Tech and Entrepreneurship

  • >20 Leaders

    Founders. Executives. Investors. Thought Leaders.

New York TigerTrek

What is NYTT?

New York TigerTrek is an organized trip in which 20 rigorously-selected Princeton undergraduates are offered the opportunity to visit entrepeneurial luminaries at cutting edge start ups, venture capital firms, and corporates. We hold closed-door only, candid conversations with each leader we meet. For the Spring of 2021, due to COVID restrictions, NYTT is being offered as a semester-long fellowship.

The Fellowship


Late November 2020

Applications Open

Apply to be considered for the trip!

Apply for the trip on the the application form!

December 2020

Interviews and Decisions

If your application is selected, you will be asked to an interview so that we can learn more about you!

Spring Semester 2021

Save the Date!

The fellowship will take place during Spring 2021

The trip is a week long, happening over spring break, from March 15th to March 21st. On average we will be visiting 4-5 companies per day. Other activities will include a NY Comedy Show, Escape the Room, and evening walks along
the high line.

Speakers Past and Present

Jennifer Hyman

CEO, Rent the Runway

Charles Birnbaum

Partner, Bessemer Venture Partners

Dan Rosensweig

CEO, Chegg

Nat Turner

Co-Founder/CEO, Flatiron Health

Alan Patricof

Founder, Greycroft

Nader Al-Naji

Co-Founder, Basecoin

Matt Blumberg

Founder, Return Path

Peter Boyce II

Co-Founder, Rough Draft Ventures

Jim Steele

CEO, Yext

Travis Scher

Associate, DCG

Josh Wolfe

Co-Founder, Lux Capital

Justin Connolly

EVP ESPN and Disney

Greg Rosen

Principal, Box Group

Ryan Shea

Founder, Blockstack

Ron Dickerman

President, Madison International

Dr. Alfred Spector

CTO, Two Sigma

Soo Kim

Founder Partner and Chief Investment Officer, Standard General

Nam Nguyen


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